Selected Games Portfolio

Below are some of the projects I have worked on.

Do hope you like 'em!

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Thesis Project - Sole Developer
Four-player boardgame. You are one of the best hackers in the world! Fight your way into the Central Mainframe and retrieve the Data Packet while watching your back!

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little mrs. domestic goddess

Lead Programmer, Writer (Link)
Point-and-Click Adventure Game in Unity and AGS. Prove that you are truly the very picture of divine domesticity! Remember, the folks at home are watching - and judging - your moment in the spotlight!

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Bullet nile

Narrative Designer, Lead Writer
Rhythm-based Bullet-Hell Fighting Game with branching narrative. Re-live the eternal battle between Egyptian gods Horus and Set as you battle for revenge, and the right to be King.

Scholastic all-star battle royale

Tactics-based Deckbuilding Card Game. Lead your crew of anime-inspired highschool students (and a trash golem!) in a battle against your rival school for Scholastic Excellence!

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You are my shadow

Sole Developer
Narrative Endless Runner. Why are you running? Won't you turn around?


Sole Developer
2D Fighting Game.  Think you're tough? You don't have the lightning-fast reflexes to keep up with some of the best fighters in the city! One hit and you're dead!